Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is the process of finding, identifying and resolving corrupt, incorrect, or irrelevant data. It’s also referred to as data scrubbing or data cleaning. By data cleansing you are protecting your data for reliability and consistency, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your data.
Data that contains errors such as, missing values, typos and formatting issues is often referred to as ‘dirty data’. Unfortunately the statistics are very high for poor quality data within businesses, which is disappointing considering how important a healthy database can be for many reasons.

The power of clean data can drive your business’s competitive edge. It can assist with making important decisions by determining strategies to turn leads into customers and/or clients. By ensuring you have clean data you can feel confident you are following the correct process for ROI.

Not only is data cleansing valuable for your external database, it can also benefit your business internally. If internal information is cleaned properly, it can show valuable insight into your organisation. An example of this is, it can be used to track employee productivity, job satisfaction and used to predict and reduce staff turnover.
Datawash can review and resolve your current data by identifying the critical data fields. Once we standardise your data, we can then data cleanse your database regularly, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. Investing in data cleansing is critical for any business’ ongoing growth and sustainability.
Lodge your customer file to for a free data quality audit and reap the benefits.


Datawash values the security of your data extremely highly.

All confidential data uploaded to or downloaded from the Datawash portal is protected by SSL Certification and proprietary encryption.

Cloud systems are not used in any manner. Client data resides on a single machine during processing.

Datawash services are governed by and adhere to the Federal Government’s Australian Privacy Act. No client data is shared with other parties and is deleted from the Datawash servers within 7 days of processing with written confirmation of its purging.